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Rock Climbing

Rock climbing has been growing in popularity since the 1930s, and it's no wonder. This exciting activity lets you spend time in the outdoors while challenging yourself both physically and mentally and bonding with friends and family.

With the increasing availability of a variety of climbing venues, including indoor climbing gyms, it's easier than ever to try rock climbing. 

(Minimum of four persons required)

So You Want To Climb Ice? Learn with us! Ice climbing is the recreational activity of climbing frozen ice that accumulates as a waterfall freezes. Participants will learn how to size climbing boots, helmets, fit ice crampons, hold, carry and swing the ice axe, and how to hike into the ice climbing site. You will learn how to dress to stay warm while spending a day outside in the cold. We will also cover layering for optimum warmth with the correct clothing materials as well as cold weather tips for selecting high energy food and liquids. ATTENTION: Ice Climbers, Photographers, Hikers & Naturalists! All Invited just to watch and photograph.

Ice Climbing
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