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The Riverview Experience

Our outdoor Rock Climbing course was developed to provide you not only with the experience of rock climbing, but with the technical skills required to go climbing without the oversight of an instructor or guide. By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge required to set up and manage your own single-pitch climbing site independently.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Indoor climbing gyms have made it possible for many people to try, and even master, the most iconic type of rock climbing – steep face climbing – without going outside. Outdoor rock climbing, however, demands a much larger repertoire of movement and problem-solving skills than gym climbing.

Outdoor rock climbs don’t announce themselves with colored tape and holds. Learning to route-find often challenges beginners and indoor climbers, who don’t yet know how to recognize usable rock features like underclings, parallel-sided cracks, and small irregularities of the rock surface. Gym climbers who have advanced to the higher number grades can still be stymied by outdoor climbs with features such as jam cracks, chimneys, and friction slabs.


Adventure & Experience

Rock climbing adventures are a great outdoor activity choice for adventure seekers. Your guide will take care of everything for you; from setting up ropes, knots, staff belay and fun climbing.

Let your sense of adventure take over.


Experience the thrill and climb real rock walls! No previous experience necessary.

Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced avid rock climber, our certified instructors are ready to provide you an action-packed vertical adventure.

Safety First

Though some gym climbers never venture beyond their climate-controlled world, for most of us, our outdoor spirit inevitably longs for its place in the sun. If you’ve made the decision to try “real” rock climbing, a little preparation is in order.

The outdoor world requires similar skills and knowledge to gym climbing, but it also presents additional challenges. You need to do more preparation, have the right gear and master new skills. We are here to guide you through every step.


Riverview Gallery

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