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"Climb Where Eagles Dare"

"Climb Where Eagles Dare"
- a mentorship climbing program

•Mentorship program created for Eagle Scouts interested in climbing

•Pathway to a career as a climbing guide or outdoor industry professional.

•Challenging part-time work.

•Learn climbing's best practices from trained experienced guides.

•Scouts looking for high adventure activities.

•Skills transferable as a qualified merit badge climbing counselor.

•Learn how to operate an outdoor business.

•Develop physical and mental stamina

•Participate in climbing trips to climbing destinations (adventure travel).

•Learn how to write grants to get money for climbing trips.

•Become eligible for “Pro Deals”.

•Network with celebrity climbers, alpinists, and mountaineers


Who is eligible for this mentorship program?

•The candidate has recently earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

•Submit a 250 word written essay explaining "Why I want to be mentored in climbing".

•Permission note from parents/guardian if youth is a minor under the age of 21 years old.

•Complete the Riverview Outdoor Adventure Climbing School "Release of Liability" waiver.

•Possess a sense of adventure and the love of the outdoors.

•The scout practices conservation and is a caretaker of the outdoor places we love.

•Candidate has earned the climbing merit badge.

•Desire for personal growth


Eagle Scouts from right to left - Austin Popson, Bobby Trinner, Barry Rusnock, and Spencer Meivogel


Eagle Scout - Barry Rusnock

Spencer_Cascades (2).JPG

Eagle Scout - Spencer Meivogel


Eagle Scouts Barry Rusnock and Spencer Meivogel


Apprentice Guides Train with Staff


Riverview guides attend a training session at a local rock gym prior to the opening of rock climbing season.


Eagle Scout - Tyler Simon

Sarah Curley_02.jpg

Eagle Scout - Sarah Curley


Eagle Scouts Jason Curley and Tyler Simon


Eagle Scout Spencer Meivogel at work.

spencer 2.JPG

Eagle Scouts from right to left - Austin Popson, Bobby Trinner, Barry Rusnock, and Spencer Meivogel


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