You will learn the basics of outdoor rock climbing from nationally certified and insured professional instructors in an outdoor group setting, Climbing equipment is included in the cost of this course. Your instructor will discuss the different types of climbing venues and talk about the Yosemite Decimal System (Route Rating Systems). Your will learn the following in this course:  The climber can and may likely learn team building, climbing fundamentals, how to tie climbing knots, how to use climbing equipment, belaying, rappelling, body position, movement on the rocks and more.  There is no charge for Climbing gear rentals.

$130 / Person (Minimum of Four Persons Required)



Be Prepared


The location will vary depending on experience but a majority of our guiding takes place in Allamuchy State Park at both the Practice Face and Main Face

All equipment including a helmet, harness, and rock climbing shoes will be provided by the school. Anything additional will be your responsibility. Always remember to check the weather and bring water.

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