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Barry and Spencer provided a great climbing experience for my 12-year old grandson, Quinn. Barry is extremely knowledgeable and capable, and facilitated Quinn's work toward his BSA Climbing Merit Badge. I also had a great time as a 69-year old with minimal climbing experience and marginal agility. I would not hesitate to climb again with Barry. - Michael Swearingen Grandfather and Grandson, 2016-07-23

Private Lesson - Climbing Merit Badge

Yesterday, 07/18/16, my daughter and I went with Mike Burke for Take Your Child Rock Climbing. We both thought he was an excellent instructor, stressing safety first and fun a close second. We had a wonderful day we both expect to return for more rock climbing adventures. I also want to thank Barry who worked with me tirelessly in order to make this day happen. Mike and Barry made a day of climbing, for me and my daughter, a special time. Thanks again. - Chris T Father & Daughter, 2016-07-18

Take Your Child Rock Climbing

Barry Rusnock and Mary Michael Levitt are great and inspirational rock climbing teachers who made rock climbing "easy"! With their extreme patience for a client with anxiety and fear of heights they know how to help me overcome those fears. I look forward to more of their classes in the near future. - LuAnn L Facebook Follower , 2016-07-14

A Facebook Testimonial

My daughter and I had an excellent experience climbing today. Lots of thanks to you for organizing and Michael for guiding us. I'm sure we'll be back. - Dmitri Father & Daughter, 2016-07-10

Take Your Child Rock Climbing

“Thank You for all the time and effort you’ve made to the Women On The Rocks clinic. The experience has changed my outlook. I knew there was a stronger woman inside me, but wondered where she went. On Saturday, I discovered she never left and fear just took up residence. I cannot thank you enough for pushing me beyond that fearful limit. It’s a positive experience that I will always draw from when I need it most. You both have such a wonderful dynamic together and it shows in your teaching. Your passion for outdoor adventure is contagious!”                                                                                                                           - Barbara S. Women on the Rocks, 2006-10-15

Women on the Rocks

"A few of my girlfriends (Linda, Maria, Peggy, Vivien, Cynthia) and I joined the outdoor women's clinic you hosted - very information rich session, thanks. We were wondering if we could get some of the photos you took of us climbing? Thanks much for all the information you provided us with; it was my friends' and my first time climbing outdoors and it's rare that we learned so much about climbing. Thank you (and Gene) for taking such good care of us our first time out!" -Cynthia C. Women on the Rocks, 2012-10-14

Women on the Rocks Cynthia C. - Women on the Rocks, 2012-10-14

This has got to be the best Climbing schools on the east Coast. If you desire to learn and want a reputable Climbing School please look no further than this Riverview Outdoor Adventures & Clinics, I knew nothing going in and after three days of good technique and training I really feel like I can venture out a little on my own,(Not too far), but Please if you want to learn the art of Rock climbing this is the place to learn, Great Instructors!!!! -Donald Hisler Private Lesson, 2015-03-14

Private Lesson Donald Hisler - Private Lesson, 2015-03-14

Well organized. Excellent leadership. My son loved this merit badge. Don't let your son be discouraged by the description of what they need to accomplish. These guys make what sounds impossible both doable and fun. I highly recommend this activity. -Johnnie D. Scout Leader, 2014-11-09

Climbing Merit Badge (BSA) Johnnie D. - Scout Leader, 2014-11-09

Coming from France, already rock & ice climber, I had the chance to go climbing with Barry. In each of the occasion, being rock climbing within a scheduled workshop, being a Falling and Commitment training or ice climbing, the focus was security and cheerfulness. Barry is a real good climber, is allowing to progress by giving enough but not too much explanation. I recommend for beginners, or like me the ones that look for more adventure. Thanks Barry, you made my stay in NJ very enjoyable. -Eric Zorn 2015-04-02

Multi-Pitch Ice | Rock | Falling & Commitment Clinic Eric Zorn - 2015-04-02

Many thanks to Barry, Mike, and Spencer for their instruction and guidance in the Introduction to Rock Climbing course!!! It was a fantastic and intensive day filled with a comprehensive approach to safety procedures; an introduction to techniques for effective climbing; and, of course, a ton of actual climbing up some challenging rocks! So happy I did this course with them and looking forward to more climbing and challenges in the future. -Rick C. Anchor Building, 2015-03-28

Introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing Mike G - Climber, 2016-07-02