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Equipment Needed for ICE Climbing

Equipment Needed for ICE Climbing

To enjoy ice climbing to the fullest and to stay safe during this sport, you need to have all the necessary equipment. Through this blog post, we discuss the must-have equipment for ice climbing.


  • T-shirt – It should be a quick-drying, synthetic t-shirt.
  • Socks – It can be either synthetic or woolen. Use two to three pairs of socks for overnight trips.
  • Shell Pants – Breathable, waterproof pants must be used.
  • Other clothing items include windproof gloves, warm hat, sun hat, and balaclava

Technical Gear

  • Carabiners – For ice climbing, multiple types of carabiners are used, such as screw gate and bent gate carabiners.
  • Quickdraws – These help the rope to run freely through bolt anchors during leading.
  • Harnesses – The harnesses for ice climbing are more comfortable and less bulky, as you already have additional padding from winter outfit.
  • Crampons – Metal spikes, which are attached to climbing boots, are known as crampons.
  • Ice axes – This is specific tool needed to climb up the cliff. The axes for ice climbing are available with adzes or hammers and pick to hit into the ice.
  • Ropes – The static rope hardly stretches when pulled, whereas the dynamic rope stretches due to elasticity.

Make sure to carry this equipment while preparing for ice climbing session.

Ice climbing by Riverview

Riverview offers ice climbing sessions through which you can learn basic and advanced skills of this sport. This ice climbing school offers clinics in New Jersey and South Jersey.

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